Living with Lawrence Taylor 'was an extreme of everything'

Growing up with Lawrence Taylor would have been ... interesting. To say the least. In the latest installment of our "LT: The Life and Times" webisode series -- the full documentary airs on Showtime Friday, September 20 at 8 p.m. ET -- we get a glimpse into the world of his children growing up.

"It was an extreme of everything," Lawrence "TJ" Taylor, Jr., says. "When things were good they were extremely good. When things were bad they were extremely bad."

In this episode, the family chronicles what it was like during the offseason -- notably the extravagant family vacations that they took together.

"I guess our best times were out of New Jersey-New York," Linda Garrett, LT's ex-wife says. "It was always when we out of town."

Lawrence Taylor and family on vacation.
Lawrence Taylor and family on vacation. (Taylor Family/Showtime)

"Our trips as children -- they were fantastic. They were great," daughter Tanisha Taylor says. "We took really great trips. And that was one thing that I think kept us all together, that allowed us all to come together, to spend time and just to really enjoy one another."

"We would actually spend time together as a family," TJ says. "That was our time where we knew we had him for a week. To where it was all him, we could spend time with him. That's something we looked forward to and cherished as we grew up."

Lawrence Taylor and children with a giant snake.
Lawrence Taylor and children with a giant snake. (Taylor Family/Showtime)

"My friends loved hanging out with my dad and just being around him," TJ says. "He was a big kid and has a lot of to have fun and wants everyone to enjoy themselves when they're there. Just trying to get him to stay in one spot ..."

"It just sucks that when you make promises and don't keep them or you disappear for days at a time," Tanisha says.

Taylor's issued manifested themselves when he quit playing football, at which time, Linda recalls, she decided to leave.

"When he stopped playing football I knew I was leaving," Linda said. "He was back on drugs again and I had just had it. I knew that in order to save myself and my kids, who were getting older, understanding more. I knew it was time to go. Not that I wanted to break up the family, but to me it was already broken."

Watch "LT: The Life and Times" Friday September 20th at 8 p.m. ET.

A Lawrence Taylor family portrait.
A Lawrence Taylor family portrait. (Taylor Family/Showtime)
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