MINNEAPOLIS -- Going to an NFL game is always a pricey operation, and when it comes to visiting the Super Bowl, you better expect to drop some serious coin. Super Bowl LII is no exception, and after taking a tour of the offerings at U.S. Bank Stadium, I can promise you'll want to withdraw some cash before shopping. 

Most notable to me were the custom $35 mason jars that were filled with speciality cocktails. 

A cool $19 will get you a pile of bacon-covered cheese curds. And potentially a heart attack, thanks to the 1,900 calories that come along with the meal.

Want to scale it back to something simple like beef nachos? $16, please.

Some of the mason jars aren't quite as expensive -- you can also get one for $30 if you fill it with just a regular cocktail.

This might explain why some fans in the game are trying to bring their own drinks.

The best investment? For $23 you can get an entire chicken. Or for $22 you can get a pound of lamb.

The worst? $18 for what amounts to Taco Bell. 

There's even a Justin Timberlake drink you can buy to sip on while you watch Justin Timberlake perform at halftime.

There's even some STRING CHEESE available for a whopping $4. Have fun paying four bucks for string cheese. 

Unsurprisingly, there aren't many good values. The Super Bowl is American excess at its finest, and the food clearly reflects that as well.