It has been 12 years since Aaron Rodgers made his way to Indianapolis for the NFL combine. Back then, evaluators were weighing whether Rodgers or Alex Smith was worthy of the No. 1 overall selection (the 49ers settled on Smith and Rodgers didn’t go off the board until 23 picks later). And with the combine just days away, the NFL tweeted out this video of a fresh-faced, sprightly Rodgers running an impressive 4.71 40-yard dash in Indy a dozen years ago:

According to, Rodgers’ 4.71 time is the same as Smith’s and Tim Tebow’s, though nearly four-tenths of a second behind the fastest quarterbacks ever recorded, Robert Griffin III (4.33 in 2012) and Michael Vick (4.33 in ‘01). Except that Rodgers would like to quibble with the results.

Also an acceptable hashtag: #alternativefacts.

In case you’re wondering, a 4.66 40 puts Rodgers in the elite company of Connor Shaw and Akili Smith, who also posted that time during their combine workouts in 2014 and 1999.

Ultimately, none of this matters; Tom Brady, arguably the best quarterback ever and fresh off his fifth Super Bowl title, had the second-worst 40 time of any quarterback in combine history; he needed a blistering 5.28 seconds to traverse 40 yards, and man, was it a sight to behold.