It's been almost two months since Andrew Luck signed the richest-overall contract in NFL history, and it looks like he's finally made his first splurge purchase: The Colts quarterback went out and bought a new cell phone this week.

I know what you're thinking: He probably got his hands on the unreleased iPhone 7 because he signed a $140 million contract and people who sign big contracts can sometimes get awesome phones before they come out, so I need to cut to the chase and show you photos of his awesome iPhone 7.

Unfortunately, Luck didn't get that.

So maybe he got the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because it's supposedly the coolest phone ever?

Nope, he didn't get that either.

Andrew Luck bought A FLIP PHONE, and he was so proud of his purchase that he decided to show it off on Facebook.

He probably also uses a rotary phone at his house.

The most notable part of Luck's purchase is that it was actually an UPGRADE from his old phone, which was also a flip phone.

"I got an upgrade," Luck said this week on The Ringer's NFL Show podcast. "I needed an upgrade and I saw a sweet new [flip phone], so I thought I'd stick with it."

So what exactly does an upgraded flip phone come with?

"There's a camera now," Luck said. "So I'll see how that affects my life."

I'll just go ahead and tell you how it's going to affect your life, Andrew. You're going to start taking pictures of everything: your meals, your cat, different types of cheese, everything. That camera is going to take over your life, and to be honest, you might as well quit football because you're probably not going to have time to play it anymore.

Anyway, if you're wondering why Luck favors a flip phone, he tried to explain that during a recent interview with USA Today.

"One, I like it. It's a comfort thing," Luck said. "I think anybody can appreciate that, if you're used to that. Two, I don't think I want to be connected 24/7, and this phone is maybe sort of a reminder that you don't have to be connected. And it's nice to get away. It's nice to turn your phone off."

Luck is going to single-handedly bring flip phones back. Oh, and props to anyone who read this story on their flip phone.