LOOK: Billboards ripping the NFL will be going up near Chargers' stadium this week

Before the Chargers play their home opener at the Stubhub Center on Sunday, a billboard will be going up near the stadium that the NFL probably isn't going to appreciate. 

A jilted Chargers fan has paid for five anti-NFL messages that will each be going up on an electric billboard at various times over the next three weeks, starting on Sunday when the Chargers host the Dolphins. That timespan isn't a coincidence either; the Chargers have three home games in a row beginning this week. 

The billboard is located about a mile and a half from the stadium, which means thousands of fans are probably going to see it on their way to the Stubhub Center. 

The man who came up with the billboard idea, Joseph MacRae, spent the past four months raising more than $10,000 through a GoFundMe page so that he'd have enough to pay for the billboards. MacRae's plan isn't to bash the Chargers, instead, he's using the messages on the billboard to bash Roger Goodell and the NFL. 

Here's what the five messages on the billboard will look like. 

On his GoFundMe page, MacRae made it clear that he's not just doing this for fans in San Diego, he's doing it for every city that's ever lost an NFL team

"This is for Oakland fans and St. Louis fans as well. Your cities didn't deserve this and most importantly, you didn't deserve this," Macrae wrote on the GoFundMe page. "I definitely plan on putting '#Oakland and #STL' on the anti-NFL billboard for the fans in Oakland and St. Louis."

MacRae also added that he doesn't have anything against any fans in Los Angeles who decided to embrace the Chargers. 

"To all of the LA Charger fans out there, I have no beef with you -- seriously," MacRae wrote. "From the 2006 team to the 2000 team, we've been Charger fans forever -- through the good and the bad times. There is no reason for there to be any animosity between us."

MacRae said the big reason he wanted to purchase a billboard is because he wanted to see someone call the NFL out on its B.S. 

"Roger Goodell keeps talking about how 'painful' relocation is for the NFL," MacRae wrote. "The NFL doesn't care about us at all. Roger Goodell makes $34 million dollars a year and could care less about the people in San Diego, Oakland or St. Louis. It's time for us to stick it to the NFL by having these billboards in LA call them out on their bulls--t."

MacRae raised a total of $10,490 to help pay for the billboards. According to KSWB-TV in San Diego, the billboard company "has assured" Macrae that the billboards won't be coming down early, even if the NFL tries to make that happen. 

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