LOOK: Bills fans still can't let go of Scott Norwood's missed kick

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Sometime during Super Bowl week, John Breech -- our special teams correspondent here at CBSSports.com -- and I struck up a conversation about Scott Norwood and his missed game-winning field goal at the end of Super Bowl XXV that gave the Giants a 20-19 win against the Bills.


Norwood was subsequently flambéed for his miss, and ever since then, he has been considered one of the biggest goats in Super Bowl history.

Breech and I agreed, though. The bashing was unfair, mostly because of the length of  the attempt. It wasn't some 22-yard gimme. It was a 47-yarder, and during that 1990 season, field goal attempts between 40-49 yards were successful 62.1 percent of the time (Norwood was a little below average, making six of 10 that season). So, it was far from a sure thing.

(Just an FYI, this year's kickers made those field goals at a rate of 83 percent. Different standards back then, huh?)

ANYWAY, all of that leads me to the photo below (H/T to Bleacher Report, which procured it from reddit). Because even nearly a quarter-century leader, Norwood still can't find peace with his missed kick.


It's sorta funny, huh?

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