LOOK: Boston zoo makes good on Super Bowl bet, names newest baby goat after Nick Foles

Ask any Philadelphia Eagles fan, and they'll probably tell you that Nick Foles is the G.O.A.T. Ask the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, and they'll have to agree.

As part of a Super Bowl bet it made with the Philadelphia Zoo in January, Zoo New England announced this week it has named its newest-born goat -- a two-year-old Nigerian dwarf -- after the Eagles' title-winning signal-caller.

Philly's zoo would have had to name its own baby goat after Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had the Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl in Minneapolis, but with Foles and Co. bringing home the Lombardi Trophy, everyone in Boston now has the privilege of watching Foles the goat roam Franklin Park Zoo.

And boy is he a cutie.

Almost as cute as the real thing:

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