When Brett Favre officially enters the Hall of Fame this weekend, he'll go in as the long-time quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. At least that's how most of the world will see him.

But some, especially those stationed 300 or so miles to the west of Lambeau Field in Minnesota, will see Favre as more than just a Packer. They'll see him as the quarterback who nearly carried the Vikings to the Super Bowl. They'll point to his career-best passer rating with the Vikings in 2009 as a reason why Favre is also a Viking.

It won't just be Vikings fans who see Favre's Hall of Fame induction as a Vikings' induction. It'll be anyone who visits the Hall of Fame.

Apparently, Favre's Hall of Fame locker contains a Packers and a Vikings jersey.

"The Hall's curatorial staff selects the artifacts for exhibit," Pete Fierle, vice president of communications for the Hall of Fame, told ESPN.com. So, no, Favre himself did not put that Vikings jersey in his locker.

Still, Packers fans aren't pleased.

Favre actually spent the final three years of his career away from Green Bay. One of those years wasn't in Minnesota, which begs the question, where the heck is his Jets jersey?