LOOK: Brian Urlacher is really talented at catching gigantic fish

That's a big fish in the hands of a big dude. (Twitter: @BUrlacher54)

Brian Urlacher couldn't get a contract offer that he deemed respectable from the Chicago Bears, so he left football behind. Now, the ex-linebacker has apparently turned to fishing to satisfy his competitive urges. 

He doesn't seem too bad at it. This is a photo he tweeted on Sunday.

Keep in mind that Urlacher stands at 6-foot-4, so that fish is probably even bigger than it looks. This fish is probably also bigger than it appears. 

So is this one...

And these ones...

This Brian Urlacher guy seems pretty OK at fishing. Now, if only Jay Cutler would be willing to give him a call. Then, finally, Urlacher's life would be back on track. 

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