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With the ongoing pandemic stretching into football season, many NFL teams are getting creative in order to fill their stands. Some teams aren't allowing fans through their gates at all, while others are attempting to work with limited capacity. 

The Denver Broncos are in the latter category, as they allowed around 5,700 fans into Empower Field at Mile High for Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But those real-life fans won't be the only ones occupying the seats in Denver, as the team will also be hosting the entire cast of "South Park" on Sunday.

Yes, as in the cartoon cast of the long-running animated series. Check it out:

We've already seen several sports teams employ cardboard cutouts to create the hollow illusion of a crowd, but this is an awesome bit of creativity from the Broncos organization and a cool nod to an iconic pop culture creation tied to the area.

"South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone both grew up in the Centennial State, met at the University of Colorado, Boulder and are huge Broncos fans. With that in mind, this collaboration makes sense -- especially considering "South Park" is airing an hour-long "Pandemic Special" later this week.

And for as crude, crass and problematic as many of the citizens of South Park can be, each and every one of them happened to be wearing a mask in the crowd during Sunday's game. So, there's that.