LOOK: Browns go Color Rush with their end zone paint scheme on Thursday Night Football

The Cleveland Browns are taking on the New York Jets on Thursday night, seeking to win their first game since the 2016 NFL season and hoping to unlock beer fridges all over the city for fans thirsty to win (and drink beer). 

And to try and pull it off, the Browns are busting out every trick in the book. They're wearing Color Rush uniforms for the first time in team history (they were unveiled back in 2016 but the Browns haven't worn them yet) and they're even painting the end zone to match.

The Browns actually released video of the end zone being painted earlier this week (nice sponsor job with Sherwin-Williams!).

And while the end zone might look like a browned-out version of the Bengals' stripes, it's actually a shout out to the 16 Hall of Fame players in Browns history, with sixteen total stripes. 

It also appears to be an homage to the old Brownie mascot and the candy-style stripes that came with him. 

Whatever the case, it's something DIFFERENT. For a Browns team that is now 1-32-1 under Hue Jackson in more than two years, different is good.

If nothing is working, do the opposite, shake things up and order chicken salad on rye. Untoasted. 

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