When you're a senior in high school, one of the best days of the year is when you're allowed to dress up for a theme day at your school. Unless of course that theme is "Jersey Day" and you happen to be the daughter of Josh McCown -- then things get kind of complicated.

Bridget McCown found that out the hard way on Friday when she tried to round up a bunch of friends to wear all of her dad's old jerseys for Jersey Day. The problem for Bridget is that when your dad's a journeyman quarterback who's played for eight different teams, rounding up that many friends is harder than it sounds.

McCown's daughter didn't find a friend to wear every single one of her dad's jerseys, but she came close.

This picture is amazing on a lot of levels, and let's just say that Tom Brady's kids will never have to worry about rounding up seven friends for a picture like this.

Anyway, the most impressive jersey in this collection has to be the Dolphins jersey. McCown only spent six months with the team and never actually played in a regular season game with them. It's also impressive that both of McCown's numbers that he wore while he was with the Bears are in the picture.

The only jerseys missing from the McCown collection are his Panthers and Cardinals jerseys. If you're scoring at home, during his 14-year career, McCown has played for the Cardinals, Lions, Raiders, Dolphins, Panthers, Bears, Buccaneers, and Browns.

Anyway, since I'm not 100 percent sure which one is McCown's daughter in the picture above, here's a picture of Josh and Bridget where it's a little easier to identify them.

Happy Birthday to this girl! @bridget_m12 is special and we love her so much! Can't believe she's 18 !

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