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Every week in the NFL, you're liable to see something you've never seen before. This week, that happened for me. If you haven't seen this play yet, it's likely about to happen for you as well. 

Here's what happened: The Jacksonville Jaguars got the ball on the first possession of their game against the Arizona Cardinals, and they quickly went three-and-out. Logan Cooke then booted a punt 51 yards downfield. But while the ball was in the air, the Cardinals committed an illegal block above the waist penalty. 

So, the referee closest to the play threw a flag. But that flag... it hit Cooke's punt on the way down, just before Cardinals punt returner Rondale Moore was about to catch it. Obviously, that caused the ball to change directions at the last moment. So, Moore muffed the punt. 

Watch it go down right here: 

That, obviously, is not something you say every day. If the Cardinals and Moore had their way, you wouldn't have seen it today, either. But you can't always get what you want. 

In any event, the Cardinals overcame a 13-7 deficit to come back and win the game 31-19, improving their record to 3-0 in the process. They'll take that result, even if it came with a very strange fumble. 

Correction: A previous version of this post misstated Arizona's record as 2-1. The Cardinals are 3-0.