The Rams will be a much-improved team this season, but you wouldn't know it based on attendance at the their home games in the Los Angeles Coliseum. Last week, the stadium was half-empty for the opener, a decisive win over the Colts that apparently did nothing to convince folks to show up on Sunday.

For some perspective, the 92,000-seat Coliseum sold out five days before Saturday's University of Texas-USC game -- it was the first USC sell out in four years.

In case you're wondering, the Trojans held on to win, 27-24.

And things were somehow worse for Los Angeles' other professional football team. In case you forgot, the Chargers relocated up the coast this offseason and are playing their home games this season in a 30,000-seat soccer stadium. Turns out, they couldn't even fill that up by kickoff:

Upside: Can't beat the view.

On Saturday, Major League Soccer's L.A. Galaxy hosted Toronto FC. And even though the Galaxy were blown out, 4-0, they drew 19,560 fans. 

But who knows, maybe L.A.-area NFL fans are chronically late and both venues will packed by halftime. More likely, however, is this tweet from Rotoworld's Patrick Daugherty is about as on-point as it gets:

If you're not planning to attend these game in person (or even if you are), you can follow all the action with's GameTracker -- Redskins-Rams right here, and Dolphins-Chargers right here.