LOOK: Cleveland company debuts Johnny Manziel 'Money' t-shirt

Browns fan hope Manziel's hype can match his potential. (USATSI)

Perhaps you heard that the Browns, with the No. 22 pick, drafted some dual-threat kid out of Texas A&M. 

Johnny Manziel, already with the nickname Johnny Football, is quickly owning another moniker: Johnny Cash.

Upon hearing his name called last Thursday, Manziel flashed his signature move -- the money gesture -- which is apparently a nod to his good buddy Drake.

Is Manziel money? Browns fans hope so. And with that we have the first company in Ohio licensed by the NFLPA to print Manziel shirts. In fact, Fresh Brewed Tees has a number of Manziel designs already, but none can top the Johnny Cash logo, seen here: 

Not since LeBron James was flooding downtown Cleveland with business has there been this much excitement regarding Lake Erie’s downtrodden sports teams.

The Browns sold 2,300 season ticket renewals or new purchases by last Friday, just one day after the first round of the draft. As impressive a secondary as the Browns are building, it’s safe to say fans weren’t ponying up to see No. 8 pick CB Justin Gilbert.

It’s gotten so crazy ahead of Manziel’s first rookie camp that the team has already banned national media from attending in order to avoid a “Tebow situation.”

But this was a calculated move. The Browns knew what they were getting in the Manziel decision, which is to say enormous attention but also, enormous potential.  

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