LOOK: Colts are openly recruiting heartbroken St. Louis Rams fans

After a rough breakup, people sometimes go out looking for a rebound, a fact of life that the Indianapolis Colts are clearly aware of.

The Colts took to Twitter on Wednesday to let Rams fans in St. Louis know that they'd love to be their rebound team. St. Louis fans no longer have a team to call their own after NFL owners voted to approve the Rams' relocation bid on Tuesday.

Basically, the Colts are saying, "The Rams don't want you, but we do."

The Colts even pointed out that Indy is only 240.7 miles away from St. Louis. Plus, the Colts play in an indoor stadium just like the Rams did, so basically, nothing changes.

On the bright side, Rams fans who start cheering for the Colts will probably immediately notice that the Colts have a better quarterback than anyone on the Rams' roster.

Anyway, judging by the response to the tweet, the Colts' plan is working perfectly. Several Rams fans have already offered to start cheering for the Colts.

That guy's not the only former Rams fan who's now on the Colts bandwagon. The guy below is also on board with Indy.

On the other hand, several other fans pointed out two problems with the Colts' strategy.

1. It would make way more sense to cheer for the Chiefs.

2. The Colts are hypocritical because they stole a team from Baltimore.

Despite those two hiccups, the Colts' plan seems to be working. Don't be surprised if the Colts are the most popular NFL team in St. Louis when the 2016 season kicks off in September.

The Colts are openly recruiting Rams fans in St. Louis. (Twitter)
The Colts are openly recruiting Rams fans in St. Louis. (Twitter)
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