Is anyone better than making money and promoting his product than Jerry Jones? The Cowboys owner doesn't just have a football team, he has a brand. And the brand is booming, with the latest addition to its arsenal coming in the form of a gigantic gym at the Cowboys new practice facility, "The Star in Frisco." 

In addition to the practice facility and team headquarters, Jones now has a gym in Frisco called "Cowboys Fit" that is open for public membership, which will cost members $88 per month to join. The pictures popped up all over social media on Thursday, and the question of whether it's a gym or a resort is a viable one.

That looks like one of the nicest pools I've ever been around. And it's just the topper to the facility, which is three floors in total.

Via Jane Slater of NFL Media, the first floor features a "Fuel Zone Cafe" (food, drinks, smoothies, etc), "luxurious full-amenity locker room[s] with private showers and sauna," a Group Fitness Room (spin, etc) and even a "Recovery Lounge" that offers cryotherapy and hydro massage chairs. 

The second floor features, oh right, actual gym equipment, including a bunch of cardio equipment and other machines. It's 20,000 pounds worth of free weights, 90 pieces of interactive cardio and 40 selectorized machines plus three sports performance platforms. There's a giant 60-yard Sports Turf area with Cowboys end zones and a bunch of TRX equipment. 

That floor also features the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders' training facility, just so you're guaranteed to feel way out of your league when working out. 

And on the third floor there's obviously a pool on the roof because, well, you can't really build something like this and not put a pool on the roof.

And when you're hanging out up top at the pool, you can watch the Cowboys practice, which might be worth the $88 itself if you're a Cowboys-obsessed fitness junkie.

The Cowboys are going to end up spending more on their practice facility than they did the stadium. But the gym looks like a pretty good opportunity to turn a profit early. 

Individual memberships cost $88 per month, couples memberships are $138 per month and a family membership is $188 per month. Worth noting: when you sign up you have to pay $225, which is a membership fee of $49, the first month's dues ($88) and the last month's dues ($88). That $49 appears to be an "Annual Enhancement Fee" so that means that this gym, just like every other gym in the world, is going to steal some of your money with hidden fees and the like. It also appears that hydro massage and cryotherapy may cost additional money, but we can't confirm that. 

No wonder everyone else wants Jerry Jones doing their marketing for them.