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There's a reason the Dallas Cowboys, as CBS Sports consistently reported earlier this offseason, had zero concerns when it came to the health of Dak Prescott. The two-time Pro Bowler underwent a second surgery on his right ankle in late 2020 that was voluntary and designed to make it stronger than it was prior to the compound fracture that ended his season in Week 5, and he's since signed a record-setting four-year, $160 million deal that locks him in through the 2024 season. Physically, he continues to progress on schedule, if not slightly ahead of it, with an eye on being ready for the start of Cowboys offseason conditioning.

To drive home this point, Prescott has recently released videos that dispel recent speculation of his injury having somehow been career-threatening -- the 27-year-old being put through a series of exercises that now include drop-back passes. 

In his first press conference following the signing of his new deal, Prescott was unequivocal in where he is in the recovery process.

"I thought about jogging out here and jumping up on stage, but I don't know if you all are ready for that," he said with a grin. "I'm healthy. I obviously haven't talked to [media], and I thank you all for the support. I thank the Cowboys nation and everyone out there who was praying for me -- sent their condolences -- that's a feeling that I will never be able to put into words: to be in a hospital bed, not knowing really what is going to happen, just coming out of surgery and getting all of that support from family, from coaches, from former coaches from teammates and the Cowboys nation and even a lot of you. 

"I'm just so thankful for that, but I'm healthy."

And with that, Prescott's road back to the gridiron continues in the right direction.

It remains to be seen just how much the Cowboys will allow him to do once he's given medical clearance to join the rest of the team on the field when the offseason program gets underway, but sources continue to affirm there have been no setbacks. All sides will continue being deliberate in how they pace his return, but the question in Dallas is no longer who'll be the starting quarterback for both now and later.

Thanks to the resiliency of Prescott, who hadn't missed a single NFL practice or game prior to this injury, and the team's ability to finally agree to terms on a long-term deal, the focus at the position goes to who'll be his backup in 2021.