The Cowboys didn't face many issues during their 40-10 blowout win over the 49ers on Sunday but one big problem did come up in the first half: They didn't have a kicker. 

After nailing two extra points in the first quarter, kicker Dan Bailey was pulled from the game due to a groin injury, which was a problem because the Cowboys don't carry two placekickers on their roster. With Bailey out, the Cowboys decided to turn to backup kicker Jeff Heath, who also happens to double as the team's starting safety. 

If you're wondering how Heath became the backup kicker, it's because he actually has some solid kicking experience. Not only did he play soccer when he was younger, but he kicked a 49-yard game-winning field goal in the Michigan state playoffs while he was in high school. 

Heath made his professional kicking debut on a kickoff in the second quarter and he sent the ball all the way down to the 1-yard line. As you can see below, 49ers returner Raheem Mostert was so perplexed at the thought of a safety handling a kickoff that he couldn't even field the ball correctly. 

Although the Cowboys scored a touchdown in the second quarter, the team decided to go for two because Heath hadn't had a chance to practice with holder Chris Jones or long snapper L.P. Ladouceur. 

That changed at halftime when the three went out to the field at Levi's Stadium to take a few practice kicks. Cowboys coaches were clearly happy with what they saw at halftime because after the Cowboys scored in the third quarter, Heath was sent out for an extra point that might go down as the most dramatic extra point ever in a blowout. 


I bet he called that. 

Heath actually admitted that he was pretty nervous when he went out to attempt his first kick

"I didn't know how I was going to feel, but I was pretty nervous going in," Heath said, via "I don't know why. I wanted to make them, obviously. I didn't want to go out there and just look like an idiot, so I think I was a little nervous. Then with the rush, especially with this team, they have really bug guys that rush the field goal, so I think I was kind of too fast on my first couple."

With the conversion, Heath became the first non-kicker to make an extra point since Wes Welker did it for the Dolphins in 2010. 

Heath ended up hitting two of three extra points in the game, making him the first non-kicker to hit multiple extra points in a game since Oilers linebacker Ted Thompson hit four for Houston back in 1980. And yes, that's the same Ted Thompson who is now the general manager of the Green Bay Packers

Of course, back in 1980, the extra points were only from 20 yards away. Heath's kick came from 33 yards, which gave him the longest conversion by a non-kicker since Packers linebacker John Anderson hit a 39-yard field goal back in 1979. 

Basically, Heath has now plopped his name into the NFL record book.

Even though Heath had a solid game against the 49ers, don't look for him to keep the Cowboys' kicking job. 

"Don't know about that," Heath said. "I'm sure there's a lot of guys more qualified for the job than me."

Jason Garrett hasn't decided what the team will do this week. The Cowboys coach said on Monday that they're going to check in with Bailey and see if his groin is feeling better. 

"We'll see how Dan feels today, but we're prepared to bring at least a couple guys in to have them kick for us and just certainly be ready if Dan's not available," Garrett said on CBS Sports Radio's 105.3 The Fan. "We'll just find out more today and see how he's doing,"