Say what you will about Eagles fans, but they're nothing if not determined. After video emerged of cops greasing light posts with Crisco in order to prevent fans from climbing up them after the Eagles beat the Vikings, we probably expected something like the Slippery Stairs challenge, with fans clamoring over each other as they fell.

However, Philly fans will not be stopped from achieving their dreams of climbing city-owned property. After the game, Twitter showed a few videos of fans overcoming the elements and rising to the top, just like their new hero that they totally believed in all along, Nick Foles.

You've got to admire the caution with which the fan in the video descends. He gets up there, goes "OK, now what?" and gingerly begins to step down. Is he sober? It's unlikely. But he's still got some serious finesse to him.

What if the so-called "Crisco Cops" encouraged this behavior? Here's at least one fan who had their plans changed.

The moral of the story is: Don't tell Eagles fans (or football fans, for that matter) that they can't do something. They will recklessly put themselves in danger to prove you wrong.