LOOK: Does anyone want to coach the Cleveland Browns?

Bills DC Mike Pettine was apparently the only candidate not scared of the Browns gig. (USATSI)

UPDATE: The Browns are expected to offer Buffalo DC Mike Pettine the head coaching position, per ESPN. The fact that the Browns finally settled on a head coach weeks after every other position was filled doesn't make this t-shirt any less funny. 


I’m just going to say it: The offseason Browns are more entertaining than the in-season Browns. 

Whether it’s firing their coach prematurely, being pelted with incendiary questions (see the now infamous Three Stooges press conference) or having a head coaching vacancy so un-intriguing that college coaches and coordinators aren’t even interested in interviewing, the off-season Browns are vastly more watchable than their 4-12 self.

You’ve also probably seen the ever-growing jersey listing off the 20 quarterbacks who have started for the Browns since they returned to Cleveland in 1999.

Now, thanks to another tumultuous and embarrassing offseason, we’ve got an updated list of all the coaches who want no part of the Browns head-coaching job.

The latest reports have the Browns hoping to land Buffalo's DC Mike Pettine. Should he take the job, he ought to know that he was hardly the team's first choice.

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