We don't give out too many tips on how to break up with your girlfriend here at CBS Sports, but we're going to give one out today: If you ever plan to call off an engagement, don't do it before Christmas, because you might miss out on an awesome gift.

Again: Always break up after Christmas, never before.

For a real-life example of why you should always adhere to this policy, I present Brenna Clanton, a female Cowboys fan who showed up alone to the team's Monday night game against the Lions because her fiance dumped her. Even worse, he dumped her through a text message.

CBS Sports dating tip No. 2: Never dump anyone through a text message.

Anyway, if he had not dumped her, he would've been at the game to see the Cowboys pummel the Lions 42-21. Instead, Clanton went to the game and brought something to replace her fiance: The sign you see below.

Now, I know nothing about the nature of her relationship with the guy who dumped her, but if a female is buying you NFL tickets for Christmas, you hit a home run and should probably propose to her on the spot. That guy was probably going to get Super Bowl tickets for Valentine's Day.

Of course, I do see why the guy might have called things off: That's a lot of hashtags for one sign.

My personal favorite hashtag is the #NothingInCommon one, and lucky for us, Clanton explained why she put it on there.

"That was probably the one thing that stood out to me the most," Clanton told KVUE of her ex-fiance's explanation for the breakup. "I just didn't understand the nothing in common part. I thought it was very strange and I felt like we did have a lot in common."

The obvious thing they have in common is that they're both Cowboys fans, so his breakup was based on lies.

Clanton says she actually got dumped just days after buying the tickets in late October.

"I figured it would be an amazing gift -- really close seats," Clanton said. "I really wanted to splurge for it for a Christmas present."

In the end, Clanton ended up taking a friend to the game instead of her ex-fiance, and judging by the reaction to her sign, it doesn't sound like she'll be single for long. She's already getting plenty of dating offers on Instagram.