It's one thing to say the Philadelphia Eagles look like Super Bowl contenders.

It's another to predict they'll win not only the next Super Bowl but the next three.

And it's quite another to tattoo that on your body.

That's exactly what one fan did, as shown on Twitter by @AdrianNeenan, inking the Eagles logo and "Super Bowl Champs 2018-2020" on their arm.

You have to wonder whether the "2018-2020" was really supposed to indicate three different Super Bowl champions. Why three, specifically, after all? Is that the precise championship window for a Carson Wentz-led contender, and if so, how did this hairy-armed fan come to that conclusion? An alternative theory: This fan is increasing his odds of being right by giving himself -- and his Eagles -- a three-year window for capturing at least one title. If that's the case, give him credit for originality, but take a few points away for lack of boldness.

Oh, and for the Dallas Cowboys fans waiting to jump out of the woodwork on this one, let us not forget the infamous tale of a 'Boys fan who tattooed "Super Bowl LI Champions" on his arm in 2016 and then, after Dallas' playoff loss, proceeded to get the tattoo redone to say "Super Bowl LII Champions."