It's an annual tradition that NFL quarterbacks bring their pass-catchers to a location somewhere in the country (or even outside it, if they're feeling adventurous) so they can get together and work on their chemistry and timing. The Philadelphia Eagles are no different than everybody else, so this week Carson Wentz is gathering his group of receivers and is bringing them to... Fargo, North Dakota, from which Wentz hails. 

Newly-acquired Alshon Jeffery was the first to show up, and he wanted to get some food recommendations from the fine people of

Third-year man Nelson Agholor was next to touch down after Jeffery, and he's already found his food:

Finally, Torrey Smith and Shelton Gibson showed up as well:

It should be a nice week of bond-building for the Birds, and hopefully they don't get into any trouble that Molly Solverson and Gus Grimly can't help them out of.