LOOK: Eagles troll Packers by setting their scoreboard to '4th-and-26'

Remember Jan. 11, 2004? If not, the Eagles are happy to provide a quick reminder. Their reminder was intended for the Packers, but it'll suffice for everyone.

Before they played host to the Packers on Monday night, the Eagles set their scoreboard to "4th-and-26."

And that, of course, is a reference to the two teams' playoff game in January 2004. In that game, the Eagles trailed the Packers by three points late in the fourth quarter and faced a fourth-and-26 in their own territory. With a stop, the Packers would've won the game and advanced to the NFC title game.

Instead, they let Donovan McNabb complete a 28-yard pass to Freddie Mitchell for a fresh set of downs. Eventually, the Eagles sent the game to overtime, where they earned a win after picking off a wild Brett Favre floater and kicking another field goal. The Eagles went on to lose the following week to the Panthers, who fell to the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

This is the part where I could point out that the two current teams don't even come close to resembling their 2004 rosters, but that wouldn't be any fun. The Packers gave up a 28-yard completion on fourth-and-26 in the fourth quarter of a playoff game and that means they deserve to be roasted for eternity. Those are just the rules.

The Eagles might not beat the Packers on Monday night, but they won the pregame battle. That counts for something.

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