Eddie Lacy will no longer be the butt of your fat jokes. The Packers running back spent the offseason whipping himself into shape -- with the help of P90X -- and he showed up for the first day of the offseason conditioning program looking like a new man.

Put another way: The bulging muscles replacing the baby fat didn't go unnoticed.

"I was going to crack a joke, but I won't. He looked good," wide receiver Jordy Nelson said, via PackersNews.com. "We're glad to have everyone back, get ready to work. That will be for him to answer. I didn't ask him how much he weighed or his percent body fat or how fast he ran."

Defensive lineman Mike Daniels added: "I think Eddie looks good, man. We’ll see when the pads come on and everything, but I do think he’s a guy who rises to the occasion. He comes from a great program where they do things the right way. He came under a lot of fire, so I think he’s a guy that he got put on the spot and he responded.”

Lacy's transformation comes three months after Packers coach Mike McCarthy said the running back's "got a lot of work to do ... he cannot play at the weight he played at this year."

Those words didn't go unheeded and now Lacy is 15-18 pounds lighter, according to ESPN.com.

Listed at 234 pounds last year, Lacy stumbled his way to a career low 758 rushing yards and just three touchdowns. According to Football Outsiders' metrics, Lacy ranked 35th among all backs, only four spots better than DeMarco Murray.

But hope springs eternal and all that, and Lacy is trying to right his career after it went off the rails in 2015. And he has the full confidence of his teammates.

“He looked good,” said a smiling Aaron Rodgers. “Obviously been doing a lot of P90X. ...  He’s a solid football player and a big contributor for us. So he’s going to make sure he takes care of himself the right way and he’s got an infectious personality that everybody enjoys, enjoys seeing that big smile across the locker room. So we’re glad he’s our player.”

Eddie Lacy looks much thinner after just three months. (USATSI)
Eddie Lacy looks much thinner after just three months. (Twitter/USATSI)