LOOK: Ezekiel Elliott spotted on a party boat on the Cowboys' day off

While awaiting a hearing on the appeal of his six-game suspension for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott decided to use his off day to hang out on a party boat on Lake Lewisville. 

TMZ Sports acquired pictures of Zeke lounging on the boat, and posted them Tuesday morning. Each of the pictures merely shows Elliott sitting amid other partiers on the boat, and not doing anything of significance. TMZ cited "lake sources" as saying that Elliott did not "drink any alcohol or get into any kind of negative situation."

Did he do anything wrong here? No. Players can do pretty much whatever they want on their off-days, and relaxing on the water sure seems like a nice way to spend the day. Still, given that there has reportedly been concern inside the Cowboys organization about Elliott's party habits -- the running back is said to be very heavily into going out to Dallas-area clubs and bars -- maybe going to a boat party isn't the best look. 

Elliott was allegedly involved in an altercation at a bar earlier this offseason, but police dropped the investigation after being unable to contact the alleged victim. The incident came after Elliott had stated in June that he was "just trying to learn to stay out the way" because "whatever you do is going to be seen." He has previously been caught pulling down a woman's shirt in publicvisiting a marijuana dispensary in Seattle, and getting a 100-mph speeding ticket. In other words, he has not at all been successful at staying out of the way. 

The NFL eventually suspended Elliott six games for allegedly committing domestic violence over the course of several days last July, but did not punish him for any of the alleged incidents this year. Elliott's camp filed an appeal, and the NFL and NFLPA have been accusing each other of impropriety in their reactions to the investigation and suspension. The appeal will be heard on August 29, and if the suspension is not reduced or reversed altogether, Elliott and the NFLPA can elect to take the case to court. 

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