The hardest hit at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday didn't come from the Chiefs or the Broncos, surprisingly.

It came from a security guy.

During the second half of Kansas City's 33-10 win over Denver, a fan at the game decided to run on the field. Now, just as a friendly reminder, this is always a bad idea because it's never going to end well for the fan.

At best, you get arrested and spend a few hours in jail. At worst, you get absolutely destroyed by a security guard who hits like Von Miller, and that's exactly what happened to the fan in Kansas City.

The security guard must have had a few protein shakes before the game because he was a full 10-yards behind the fan when this chase started.

Of course, that video above is only one angle of the chaos that took place on the field. Let's look at another angle, because like all good hits in an NFL stadium, there should be multiple replays.

It's a Christmas miracle that the fan even survived that hit.

There are kangaroos who can't jump as high as the security guard did at the three-second mark in that video.

Here's a still image that shows why pictures are truly worth a thousand words.

Clearly, the security guard spent at least the past five years preparing for that moment.

If that security guard isn't invited to the next combine, they shouldn't even have a combine. Also, after the way the Broncos defense played in Kansas City, Denver should probably think about calling that guy.