LOOK: Fan sports Tom Brady jersey with Ideal Gas Law equation for name

In the days, weeks and months following Deflategate, you may have heard something about the Ideal Gas Law. It's a good approximation of the behavior of many gases under many conditions, according to Wikipedia. And the equation that most folks (us included) think cleared the Patriots of any wrongdoing has now made an appearance on at least one homemade Pats jersey.

That's Andy Ellis, who tweeted us another view of his jersey:

Ellis explained that he decided to make the jersey "after the initial [Troy] Vincent punishment," adding that the "Ideal Gas Law had predicted this since Day 1.  As an engineer, [I] was disappointed in NFL."

He even wrote about it over the summer on his blog.

In case you're wondering: PV = nRT

Where P = pressure, V = volume, n = amount (measured in moles), R = ideal gas constant and T = temperature of the gas.

That's right, PV = nRT. (CBS)
That's right, PV = nRT. (@DaveJMiller17)
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