LOOK: Fans boo Ravens while team prays on one knee prior to national anthem

After kneeling for the national anthem in Week 3, the Ravens decided to do something slightly different this week. Instead of kneeling during the anthem, the Ravens decided they would kneel before the anthem and say a prayer. 

Apparently, that decision didn't sit well with fans in Baltimore because they basically booed the Ravens out of their own stadium after the PA announcer described what the team was about to do. 

"Before the singing of the national anthem, please join Ravens players and coaches, and the entire Ravens organization, to pray, that we as a nation can embrace, kindness, unity, equality and justice for all Americans," the announcer said. 

At first, there was some cheering from the fans. However, once the Ravens players went down to their knee -- and remember this was before the national anthem -- thousands of fans started to boo them. 

After the short prayer, the Ravens stood up, and then the national anthem was sang with every player from both Baltimore and Pittsburgh standing. 

It's not clear why anyone decided to boo, but it seems that at least some fans have decided that they're going to boo any type of kneeling that takes place whether it's before or during the national anthem. 

The Ravens' decision to stand for the national anthem comes one week after several players on their roster knelt in Week 3 following the controversial comments made by Donald Trump on Sept. 22. Trump reiterated his point on Saturday by demanding that all players stand for the national anthem in Week 4. 

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