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Former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who played two seasons with the New York Jets, made a bet with New England Patriots legend Julian Edelman ahead of their former teams' game last Sunday. The Patriots beat the Jets, 10-3, and as a result Marshall has some brand new ink on his right arm.

"A bets a bet. And @bmarshall is a man of his word. Thanks for saving me @patriots," Edelman wrote on Instagram.

They made the bet while discussing the Week 11 matchup during an episode of "Inside the NFL." 

"If the Jets win, it's straight up, right? You have to get a Jets tattoo -- and vice-versa," Marshall said to Edelman. "It's just simple. Simple."

The game was tied at three points apiece in the final minute of the fourth quarter, but Patriots rookie Marcus Jones registered an 84-yard punt return touchdown with just five seconds left on the clock to win the game. He went on to earn the Special Teams Player of the Week honor.

Marshall graciously accepted his defeat and got the Flying Elvis logo outlined in black ink in the middle of another episode of "Inside the NFL." The full episode is available for streaming on Paramount+. Marshall decided he would try to turn this loss into a profit with a creative business idea he came up with as the tattoo was being done.

"For the rest of my life, every single Jets-Pats game, I'm going to take a photo booth outside of the stadium and all Pats fans can take a picture with me for $20 bucks," Marshall said.

Marshall started his NFL career when he was drafted by the Denver Broncos as a fourth-round pick in 2006. The six-time Pro Bowler played for multiple teams before retiring in 2018, including the Miami Dolphins (2010-11) and Jets (2015-2016). Marshall's NFL career ended after six games with the Seattle Seahawks in 2018. The team released him, and he signed with the New Orleans Saints later that year, but he was released the following month without playing a game. 

Marshall never played for the Patriots, but now that team is officially a part of him.