Former Rams player makes hilarious video after being traded to the Dolphins

If you’ve ever wondered what goes through an NFL player’s mind in the immediate moments after he gets traded, you don’t have to wonder anymore because William Hayes has finally answered that question. 

In a late night trade that wasn’t officially announced until 12:45 a.m. ET on Friday (or 9:45 p.m. PT on Thursday), the Rams shipped Hayes and a seventh-round pick to Miami in exchange for a sixth-round pick. 

A few hours after the trade was announced, Hayes decided to make an Instagram video to let everyone know how he felt about being traded, and let’s just say, I think his feeling might have been a little hurt by the fact that the Rams were only able to get a sixth-round pick for him. 

“I got traded today for a stapler and a coffee machine,” Hayes says to start the video. 

If you’ve heard Hayes’ name before, it’s probably because you watched “Hard Knocks” and you remember him as the player who doesn’t believe that dinosaurs actually existed. He also believes that mermaids do exist. 

That second thing is important to keep in mind because it just happens to be one of the reasons that he’s excited about making the move to Miami. 

During the video, Hayes, who is clearly an optimist, made a list of reason why he’s going to enjoy living in Miami. 

“There’s certain things I’m looking forward to [in MIami]: Sweet tea, searching for Ariel on South Bay, no more traffic, lower rent,” Hayes says in the video. 

When he says “searching for Ariel,” Hayes is referring to the fictional character in the “Little Mermaid,” although calling her a “fictional character” might be insulting to Hayes because he actually thinks she exists, which I guess makes sense, because she did show up at a Rams training camp practice in August. 

Besides talking about mermaids in his video, Hayes also took some time to insult the Titans, a team that Hayes played for from 2008-11. 

At first, Hayes was about to thank all his fans, but then he just decided that insulting the Titans would be better. 

“All my Rams fans, from St. Louis to L.A., I would say something about the Titans, but f--- them.”

If the NFL wants to add some more entertainment to free agency, they need to start making these videos mandatory. As a matter of fact, I’m slightly disappointed we didn’t get one of these from Brock Osweiler after he was traded from the Texans to the Browns

Since Hayes drops a few F-bombs in his video, we can’t show it on our family friendly website, but if you want to to see it, you can head over to Hayes’ Instagram page by clicking here

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