NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp

Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison was known for being one of the hardest-hitting defenders in the NFL on the field, and for posting utterly wild workout videos on social media off of it -- particularly in the latter half of his career, when the on-field bit started to fade. Though most videos have been deleted from Instagram, many forward-thinking folks on the internet made sure to save some for posterity's sake.

In the latest showing of his absolute power, Harrison once again took to Instagram. The setup for his video is the ex-Patriot being incredulous about his abilities, claiming that he does not believe he can crack an egg with his bicep. To his credit, it's a fair thought to have as doing so is very, very, VERY difficult to do -- unless, of course, you're James Harrison. No sooner after he expresses doubt in himself that he ends up bursting the egg with his massive bicep.

The "oh!" he lets out after his accomplishment is some surprising unbridled joy to hear from a man who regularly got unnecessary roughing penalties against any offensive player that dared to be near him. 

Harrison spent 14 seasons in the NFL, most of which was in Pittsburgh, though it also included stops in Cincinnati and New England. He racked up 583 solo tackles, 84.5 sacks and 34 forced fumbles.