Everyone gets a shoe contract. Not everyone can endorse lamps and toilet paper and actually get some attention for it. Enter 2017 NFL Draft prospects Forrest Lamp and Jake Butt who have the best possible respective endorsements stemming from their decision to turn pro.

Lamp, who is from Western Kentucky and one of the top offensive linemen in the draft, has signed a deal with Lamps Plus to become their spokesman for selling lamps. 

Here's a photo of Lamp mugging for his lamps and Lamp and his long-time ladyfriend Natosha Boden posing near a lamp. Lamps!

Here's his initial pitch from the press release:

"The opportunity to partner with Lamps Plus before my rookie NFL season, especially with my last name, is the perfect scenario," said Lamp. "I'm confident that my girlfriend Natosha and I will have the best-decorated and most well-lit rookie home in our new team city!"

I would have simply gone with "HI I'M FORREST AND I LOVE LAMP."

But to each his own.

Jake Butt, a tight end from Michigan, took a less obvious route, and yet, a choice that is as plain as day: Charmin'. 

Yes, the man with the last name of Butt is going to endorse toilet paper. Or at the very least, he got a ......... buttload of it from Charmin', who rolled over to his house in a dump truck and unloaded a huge pile right in his front yard. 

Jake Butt never has to buy toilet paper again. via Twitter/@chetanrakieten

Incredible. That's like a month's worth of toilet paper. (Kidding, looks like at least two weeks.) 

As far as grading these endorsements, we would give the slight edge to Lamp, because of the humor in signing a deal with a lamp company. It just feels more random. Everyone has lamps but you don't see people buying them that often. Thinking outside the box and coming up with the Lamps Plus deal? That's just good work. 

Toilet paper? It has the worst job on the planet in terms of being a thing that people use on a daily basis, but you scoop it up when you go shopping for groceries. The dump truck does make things a little bit closer. Charmin' identified a Butt it liked and sought out the deal. 

Both are creative, fun and hopefully will result in these guys getting some additional coin in their pocket. 

I love lamp.