LOOK: 'Free the Chargers, bring em back to SD' banner flies over StubHub Center

It's been a rough start to the Chargers' inaugural season in Los Angeles. In their first ever game played at StubHub Center in L.A., they blew a late lead to the Dolphins and accidentally fired their celebratory cannon after missing a potential game-winning field goal -- and they played in front of a crowd that was split pretty evenly between Chargers and Dolphins fans. 

They haven't kicked off their Week 3 game against the Chiefs yet, but before the game, this banner was flown above StubHub Center.

It reads: "Free the Chargers. Bring em back to SD #SpanosSucks."  

After last week's loss, longtime NFL writer Don Banks, who writes for The Athletic, reported the NFL was "discouraged" by Chargers' home opener. 

"I think a lot of people are kind of, in retrospect, looking back and saying, 'This was not a smart move and how do we get ourselves out of it,'" Banks also said in an interview with 1090-AM

According to Banks, folks in the league office are even talking about the idea of moving the team back to San Diego.

"I think they're talking about it," Banks said. "I think there's already a level of concern at how far south it's gone, that there are at least people talking about it."

This isn't the first time we've heard stuff like that. In January, it was reported that the NFL was so upset with the move that they wanted the Chargers to move back to San Diego. Still, that outcome is so unlikely -- almost as unlikely as the Chargers winning a close game.

Anyway, the Chargers will try to win their first game of the season on Sunday after losing back to back heart-breakers on missed field goals to begin the year. The bad news is that they're playing the Chiefs, who are an impressive 2-0 after beating the Patriots in Foxborough and the Eagles at home. The good news is that even if the Chargers lose, they'll have plenty of time to get their first win at StubHub Center. They're scheduled to play there until construction on their permanent stadium is finished. 

By then, the Chargers will have figured out how to win a close game -- right?

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