LOOK: Funky concept helmet designs for all 32 NFL teams

Why Dolphins, that's a mighty orange helmet you have there. (Deeyung Entertainment)

The 2015 NFL combine gets underway Wednesday, but while you're waiting for the much-anticipated offensive line weigh-ins to begin, take a look at these here concept helmet designs for each of the NFL's 32 teams.

It seems as though the "concept" here from Deeyung Entertainment is to take Tampa Bay's new HUGE LOGO helmet design and spread it around the entire league. Some teams get pretty big makeovers (check out the lime green Seahawks' helmet, Denver's return to the old-school logo and the Giants' American flag-style design) while others look a whole lot like the teams' current helmets (San Francisco, Jacksonville).

I don't imagine any of these designs will be going into production any time soon -- they're not Nike designs, after all -- but they sure are fun to look at. (If the slider above isn't working for you, check out a scroll-down list right here.)

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