LOOK: Giants Twitter throws Ben McAdoo under the bus after he did the same to Eli

Through two weeks, the New York Giants have no answers to this age-old question: Why in the world can't we move the ball? Many thought that the return of Odell Beckham Jr. would alleviate some of their problems on offense, but a limited Beckham had just four grabs for 36 yards on Monday night against the Lions. Eli Manning threw for 239 yards in Beckham Jr.'s debut, a mere modicum better than his 220 against the Lions, and it's apparent that offense is a serious concern for the Giants.

Ben McAdoo said the normal platitudes after the game. He commented on the rhythm of the offense, or rather, the lack thereof. Perhaps even worse, in his post-game press conference McAdoo outright blamed Manning for a delay of game penalty in the third quarter with the Giants down only 10. It was 4th and Goal from the Lions' 2-yard line, and McAdoo wasn't coy talking about the penalty that put the Giants back to the 7-yard line. "Sloppy quarterback play," he said after the game. "Quarterback and the center need to be on the same page there. We got to get the ball snapped."

Unfortunately for McAdoo, however, the Giants' faithful has another scapegoat in mind -- and it definitely isn't their two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback.

The Giants are in the early cellar in the NFC East, but there's hope. Every team in the division outside of New York has started 1-1. The Cowboys looked hapless against the Broncos on Sunday, while the Eagles struggled against the Chiefs. Unfortunately, both of those losses came against very good AFC West teams, so it's hard to peg exactly where that puts the Cowboys and Eagles. The Giants can't bank on the Cowboys looking like they did on Sunday all season, so they're going to have to figure something out soon if they're going to be the contenders people thought they were before the season.

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