The next time you sit in the front row at an NFL game, you might want to wear a helmet or else you could end up with a giant headache.

A fan in Buffalo is probably going to need some Tylenol after taking a small headbutt from Jets wide receiver Eric Decker during the second quarter of New York's game in Buffalo on Thursday.

The headbutt went down after Decker caught a 5-yard touchdown pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick with 3:53 left to play in the first half. You can see the headbutt below at about the 10-second mark. There was nothing malicious about the headbutt, it was just Decker celebrating with a Jets fan, who probably needs some headache medicine.

The headbutt actually doesn't look too painful from that angle, so let's check out another angle.

There we go. That might leave a bruise.

Here's one more look at the headbutt, which has clearly been dissected more than the Zapruder film.

That guy probably needs to be put in concussion protocol.

Anyway, with one half in the books, the Jets lead the Bills 20-10. You can keep tabs on the game by checking out our GameTracker here, or you can watch it live on Twitter by clicking here.