Remember the seven-hour "30 for 30" and the Emmy Award winning series, "The People v. O.J. Simpson" featuring Ross from Friends that recapped O.J. Simpson's life and trial? Well, apparently The Juice doesn't. Simpson made several astounding claims in his parole board hearing on Thursday from a prison in Nevada, including the assertion that he's never been accused of pulling a weapon on anyone and has led a life devoid of conflict. Simpson also showcased his willingness to learn to adapt to the "new normal," citing the computer science courses he was taking to make his incarceration worthwhile for the public

Whether or not Simpson is granted parole, he isn't doing super awesome in The People's Court. Many were left stunned by Simpson's claims about a life that he painted as being relatively uneventful.

It was a staggeringly surrealist experience, and no one really seemed to know what to do with it. Simpson also claimed "I was glad to have gotten my stuff back, but it wasn't worth it," referring to the crime he was incarcerated for in 2007 when he and two accomplices robbed two men in a Las Vegas hotel. Simpson's hearing, strange as it was, was perfectly in line with any story involving Simpson. It was strange, dumbfounding, and controversial.