If you've been watching Aaron Rodgers play football over the past 13 months, then you've probably noticed that he's gotten pretty good at this whole "Hail Mary" thing.

Since December 2015, Rodgers has completed a total of three Hail Mary passes, which is more than every other quarterback in the NFL combined over that span.

Rodgers' Hail Mary streak started against the Lions in 2015 when he connected on a 61-yard pass on the final play of regulation in a 27-23 win over the Lions.

Let's go ahead and relive that one. Lions fans, you might want to turn away.

The Packers quarterback then followed that with a second Hail Mary against the Cardinals in the divisional round of the playoffs last January. That pass, also on the final play of regulation, went for a 41-yard touchdown and sent the game to overtime. (The Packers lost in overtime, 26-20).

Here's a look at that pass:

Finally, we have the third Hail Mary, which came on the final play of the second quarter during Green Bay's 38-13 wild-card win over the Giants on Sunday.

Someone at the NFL decided to make a clip of all three passes being thrown simultaneously, and since watching a Hail Mary pass never gets old, we're here to show you that clip.

Here's all three passes being thrown at the same time:

No other quarterback in the NFL could have a highlight like that, because no other active quarterback has completed more than two Hail Mary passes (Andy Dalton is the only other quarterback who's completed two over the past five years).

Basically, the Cowboys better spend a lot of time in practice this week trying to defend the Hail Mary. As a matter of fact, they might want to forget holding a walkthrough on Friday and just spend three hours practicing their Hail Mary defense.