The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots are up against each other on Thursday night to kick off Week 2 of the 2018 preseason and, more importantly, to rematch Super Bowl LII.

Nick Foles will be playing as he did on Feb. 4, except for not as long, and it's a good bet we won't be seeing the "Philly Special" 2.0, or at least with stakes as high as they were back in Minneapolis.

That doesn't mean, however, that the Eagles don't have the Super Bowl on their minds as they hit Foxborough for another matchup with Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and this generation's greatest NFL dynasty. And it definitely doesn't mean the Eagles aren't still enjoying the results of that Super Bowl, complete with some trolling through this year's most creative locker-room display.

Posting pictures of player jerseys and lockers before games is nothing new for the Eagles on Twitter, but on Thursday afternoon, the team shared a suspiciously "boring" shot of the stalls belonging to undrafted rookie Jeremy Reaves and veteran backup De'Vante Bausby. It turns out, upon closer inspection, those stalls were strategically photographed to highlight the players' numbers: 41 and 33, in that order.

Anyone remember the score of Super Bowl LII? Oh yes, that's right. 41-33.

Forget Thursday's game, because the Eagles have already won.