Odell Beckham is one of the best active receivers in the NFL. Randy Moss is one of the best receivers in the history of the NFL.

On Monday, Beckham met up with Moss -- now an analyst for ESPN -- before the Giants faced off against the Bengals. Naturally, they decided to exchange jerseys.

Both players wrote a special message on the jerseys. Take a look:

Here's what Beckham wrote:

Believe it or not, youve taught me more than you can imagine. Thank you for reminding me to stay and be different. Cant stop, wont stop!! Im comin for ya!! Luv! Bless!

In Moss' career, he caught 982 passes for 15,292 yards and 156 touchdowns. He's ranked 15th all time in receptions, third in receiving yards and second in touchdown catches. Through two and a half seasons, Beckham has caught 231 passes for 3,431 yards and 30 touchdowns.

So, he really is coming for Moss' records.