As the Philadelphia Eagles look to capture their first NFC East title since 2013 this week, one of their players has extra reason to celebrate.

Rookie running back Corey Clement has already exceeded expectations on the field, going from undrafted Wisconsin product and third-string competition to the team's top scoring rusher. But he's also reaping the rewards off the field, recently showing off his acquisition of a BMW, and that's all thanks to -- wait for it -- his high school guidance counselor.

As relayed via Twitter by the Arizona Daily Star's Zack Rosenblatt, a recent Facebook post revealed that Clement's ninth-grade counselor at New Jersey's Glassboro High School had promised the running back her family's car "that he always asked about" if Clement wound up making it to the NFL. And now, years later, the guidance counselor has delivered, gifting Clement her prized BMW.

Clement, 23, leads the Eagles with four rushing touchdowns and another two as a receiver, serving largely as a third-down complement to LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi on the NFL's consensus top playoff contender.

This isn't the first time his journey has been captured via social media, either, as the running back was seen posing in Eagles gear, hoping to join the team "some day," in his own post from 2012.