LOOK: Irate Steelers fans are burning and trashing their James Harrison jerseys

There are two types of people in this world, people who burn their jerseys after one of their favorite players signs with a hated rival and people who don't. This story is about that first group. 

Less than 24 hours after James Harrison made the decision to sign with the Patriots, dozens of Steelers fans decided to take their anger out by burning Harrison's jersey and then sharing a video of it on social media. 

In a somewhat ironic twist, the Steelers season might also go up in flames now that they're have almost a zero percent chance of winning home-field advantage over the Patriots. 

Here's another video of a Harrison jersey being burned. 

To be fair, I'm not sure if he's burning that because it's a Harrison jersey or because it's one of the Steelers' hideous bumblebee jerseys. 

Anyway, not all fans love playing with fire. For instance, this guy decided to throw his Harrison jersey in the trash instead of setting it on fire. 

This is definitely the smart play because if Harrison ends up retiring with the Steelers, you can fish that jersey right out of the trash and wear it to the retirement ceremony. 

For the record, setting a jersey on fire doesn't really make any sense to me. For one, you just wasted $100, so the joke is kind of on you. Second, in a situation like this, it's not like Harrison snubbed the Steelers. They released him because they didn't want him. He would've gladly stayed in Pittsburgh if the Steelers hadn't given up on him. I mean, the guy spent 14 seasons with the Steelers, framing his jersey would probably make more sense. 

Now that Harrison is in New England, it's pretty obvious that there's only two ways this situation can possibly end: Either he sacks Ben Roethlisberger six times in the AFC title game and the Patriots beat the Steelers 41-20, or he's actually a double agent who wants to see the Steelers beat the Patriots so badly that he infiltrated New England just to get behind enemy lines. 

If it's that second theory, everyone who burnt their jersey is definitely going to regret it. 

Also, since everyone is setting Harrison's old jersey on fire, here's a look at his new one. 

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