Terrelle Pryor might want to wear some earplugs the next time he's walking off the field after a road game, because, apparently, he doesn't deal well with hecklers. 

Following the Redskins' 29-20 loss in Kansas City on Monday, Pryor got into it with several Chiefs' fans as he was heading to Washington's locker room at Arrowhead Stadium. 

As he was going through the tunnel, several fans started yelling at him. Pryor probably could have ignored it, but instead, he headed back out of the tunnel and started yelling back. In video obtained by TMZ, not only did Pryor yell expletives to several Chiefs' fans, but he also flashed his middle finger during the spat. 

Terrelle Pryor flipped the bird to several fans in Kansas City.  TMZ Sports

Pryor actually looked like he was about to charge a fan, but that didn't happen because a Redskins employee grabbed him and led him back to the team's locker room. 

The clash with hecklers came after Pryor played his best game of the season with the Redskins. In the nine-point loss, Pryor caught three passes for 70 yards, including a 44-yard catch in the first quarter that went for a touchdown. 

Pryor, who signed with the Redskins in March, has caught a total of 13 passes for 186 yards through four games this season. 

If you want to check out the video of Pryor dropping an F-bomb and a middle finger on Chiefs' fans, you can see it from TMZ by clicking here