LOOK: J.J. Watt gets called out by Rockets for not wearing his NBA playoff T-shirt

If you ever get the chance to attend an NBA playoff game, there's pretty much only one rule you need to remember: If the team you're cheering for is handing out free T-shirts, you have to wear it. 

It doesn't matter who you are, if there's a T-shirt on your seat, you pick it up and you put it on. If it doesn't fit, you make it fit. If it's too big, you trade with someone sitting near you. If the shirt's not your color, you make it your color. 

Clearly, J.J. Watt was unaware of all these rules, because when he went to Game 1 of the Thunder-Rockets series on Sunday, he decided not to wear the bright red shirt that had been left on the seat of every fan in attendance. 

The problem for J.J. is that he was sitting courtside, so the Rockets kind of noticed that he wasn't wearing his shirt, and when they noticed, they decided to call him out: They put J.J. on the big screen and ordered him to put on the shirt. 

The lesson here? Public humiliation is always the way to go when you want someone to do something.

 The Rockets were clearly inspired by Watt and his T-shirt because after he put it on, they went out and beat the Thunder 118-87. 

J.J. Watt willed the Rockets to a win by wearing this shirt.  USATSI

On the other hand, if the Rockets end up losing the series, they can blame Watt because he got rid of his free shirt.

The Texans defensive end took it off after the game and didn't have it with him as he left the arena. 

By the way, if you're wondering who Watt's with, it's his girlfriend, Keali Ohai, who also happens to be a professional athlete. Ohai plays soccer for the Houston Dash. 

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