There is a lot of inexplicable outrage over J.J. Watt out there in today's world. For some reason, people are surprised that one of the greatest defensive players we will ever see football likes to workout, is willing work harder than everyone else and isn't afraid to post shots about his workouts on social media.

Getting mad at Watt over doing exactly what we want him to do in the offseason so he'll remain amazing during the regular season is dumb.

But don't expect the outrage to slow down with Watt announcing a new personal logo on Instagram Sunday.

My logo. My vision. My goals. #HuntGreatness

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There's a lot going on here, so let's unpack it.

There's "J.J." because, well, duh. And a "W" if you look at it as one letter. Watt, duh.

Flip it upside down and it looks like two 9's or 99 -- Watt's number.

It is also, according to Darren Rovell of ESPN, designed to look like a pair of "rising buildings, built from the bottom up" which is a metaphor for Watt's work ethic.

"I have always dreamed of being able to use my experience to create something truly great, something that I believed would legitimately improve people's performance and training," Watt told Rovell. "I wanted the ability to put my own personal stamp of approval on tools that I thought would help people perform better. And that is what this logo has allowed me to do. When you see this logo, you will know that I personally had my hand in the product's creation and that it has my own personal stamp of approval."

According to Rovell, the Texans defender is now one of three NFL players -- along with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Panthers quarterback Cam Newton -- with his own personal logo.

Watt is making more news with the unveiling of a custom logo. Instagram