James Harrison, a linebacker for the Steelers (and a super strong dude), is back at it. He returned to the sand volleyball court this summer and continued his offseason tradition of ditching an actual volleyball in favor of a heavy medicine ball.

This does not look like someone who's concerned about the NFL investigating him for possibly using performance-enhancing drugs:

Reminder: Harrison is 38 years old.

He is, however, under investigation for allegedly using PEDs. That accusation came out of the same report that named Peyton Manning as an alleged user of human-growth hormone. Now, nearly six months after the release of that report, the NFL wants to interview Harrison, along with the other players listed in that report.

Harrison isn't ready to give in, though, which he explained in a series of photos posted to his Instagram account. Both Harrison and the NFLPA want the NFL to provide additional evidence that warrants an interview, as the accusations that Harrison faces were recanted by the person who made them. Harrison did say that he would welcome an interview if Roger Goodell came over to his house.

He did not say if medicine-ball volleyball would be included in the festivities.