It's not every day that an airplane loudspeaker gets taken over by an Oscar-winning actress who wants to start an NFL chant mid-flight, but that's exactly what happened this week with Jennifer Lawrence. 

At some point during her Delta flight from New Orleans to Los Angeles on Super Bowl Sunday, Lawrence decided to jump out of her seat and grab the loudspeaker on the plane. At that point, the 27-year-old let it be known who she was going to be supporting in the Super Bowl. 

"Everybody, this is not the pilot speaking," Lawrence said. "This is Jennifer Lawrence. It's February 4th. It's Super Bowl Sunday. We all know what that means. Can I please just get a 'Fly, Eagles, fly'? 

Although the passengers didn't look especially enthusiastic during her chant -- I'm guessing there weren't a lot of Eagles fans on the plane -- Lawrence kept going. 

"Fly, Eagles fly! Fly, Eagles fly," Lawrence yelled. 

She also gave out a loud "Go Eagles."

Lawrence probably would've kept the chant going, but she got shut down by a flight attendant after about 30 seconds.

It's not clear why the Kentucky-native is an Eagles fan, but it likely has to do with the fact that she's good friends with Eagles superfan Bradley Cooper. 

The two even starred in a movie, "Silver Linings Playbook," that featured the Eagles as a key point of the plot. Cooper was at the Super Bowl on Sunday to witness the 41-33 win by his beloved Eagles. 

As for Lawrence, at least one passenger said that everyone on the flight enjoyed her show of Eagles support, even if everyone wasn't chanting along. 

"It was just like a fun, spontaneous chant by Jennifer Lawrence that we definitely appreciated," the passenger told "I think everyone just went along with it, since flights are so boring."

According to, Lawrence even took some time to take a selfie with a kid who was wearing an Eagles jersey. Although J-Law didn't get into any trouble for this, we do not recommend hijacking an airplane loudspeaker mid-flight, unless you're a giant celebrity. 

Anyway, you can see the entire video below.