LOOK: Jets hosed by the awful replay reversal of all awful replay reversals

The Jets were supposed to go 0-16 this season, but they don't care for your terrible predictions. They want to win, and they almost took down the mighty Patriots to own first place in the AFC East after six weeks.

One could argue were it not for a questionable overturned call by the referees in the game, they would have ended up winning. Or at least had a better shot. 

On the play in question, tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins, who is really emerging as a dangerous red zone weapon, was running into the end zone after making a catch and he was hit by a defender, at which point he may have bobbled the ball a bit. 

Now, you can watch the clip of the play and say, "Yeah, maybe he lost control of the ball." But you can't look at it and say, "He definitely lost control." And you definitely can't watch it say anything other than, "OK, that's a touchdown based on the eye test."

Unless you're head ref Tony Corrente anyway.  Corrente said after the game it was "pretty obvious" they should overturn the call, which they did, making it a touchback and taking possession from the Jets after what looked like a touchdown.

"We went through two or three primary looks," Corrente said, per pool reporter Bob Glauber. "and then this other shot came up. When the other shot came up, it was just 'boom, boom, booom.' It was a pretty quick determination. It was pretty obvious."

Many other people disagreed with him.

This includes former NFL VPs of officiating Mike Pereira and Dean Blandino, who believed it should have been a touchdown.

Blandino believes that there is a case for Seferian-Jenkins losing the ball and then needing to maintain control again, but didn't believe there was any conclusive evidence to overturn the call, which was ruled a touchdown. 

"If it has to be clear and obvious, it just didn't seem to me that it was," Pereira said. 

Maybe the refs just got some good advice from their old pal Tom Brady?

Todd Bowles, for his part, isn't going to put the blame on the one call. 

The Jets had opportunities to win before this game. And it didn't cost them the win. But it does stink that the refs are making these calls from New York with seemingly no real consistency, which was precisely what moving to centralized replay was supposed to establish.

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